Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a typical real estate shoot cost? My rates for real estate start at $150. Pricing is based on square footage, and for a typical 4 bed/2.5 bath home in Cobb County, my rate is $200. For larger properties the fee increases by $25 per 1,000 square feet and more images are included. 

Where are you located and what is your area of service? I am located in West Cobb County and the majority of my shoots take place throughout Cobb and Paulding Counties.  I’m also happy to photograph your listing in Cobb’s adjoining counties.  There is a travel fee of $25 beyond a 25-mile radius of our office.

When will I receive the photos? For real estate clients, the images will be available next day and can be delivered same day if requested and time permits.  

How do I pay you?  If meeting at the shoot, you can pay via Venmo, Zelle, check or cash. If not, an invoice will be sent to your email address. A link to download images will be emailed upon payment receipt.  You may pay the invoice by way of credit card.

How will you send me the images? You will receive a text notifying you that the images are ready and an invoice has been emailed.  Upon receipt of payment, a link to DropBox is emailed that enables you to download the images.

Do I need to meet you at the listing to provide access?  No.  Agents are always welcome to meet at the listing to guide and assist.  However, I also have Supra lockbox access, which eliminates the necessity to meet, frees up your time, and allows flexibility. Simply text a CBS code to me and I will handle the photo session from there.

How long will my shoot last? A rough estimate is about 45 minutes per 1,000 square feet if, as expected, the Home Preparation Guide checklist or equivalent has been followed.

What is the best time of day for the shots of the exterior? The direction the home faces usually determines the best time for the photo session, as it is preferable to have the sun illuminating the front exterior. Another great time of day for attention-grabbing photographs will be during twilight, just after the sun goes down. Twilight exteriors add drama and an inviting look to your listing and can be added for $50. 

What can I do to help the photography session go smoothly and the photographs look their best?  You will get the most out of your photography session by having your client follow the simple steps listed in the Home Preparation Guide checklist. 

Do you produce aerial photographs? Yes. Just ask, and aerial images can be worked into your package.

How about virtual tours? Yes. Video virtual tours can garner more views per listing, boost visibility on various real estate websites, and increase interaction with prospective buyers via social media.  

How long have you been a real estate photographer?  Although I have 35 years of experience with lighting rigs and setups, shooting everything from architecture to weddings, and 25 years of experience with advanced masking and blending techniques in Photoshop, I have focused on real estate photography for 6 of those years.  

What exactly do I get when I hire you to produce real estate marketing photographs? You receive a very standard real estate photography license, which enables you to use the images for any purpose linked with the marketing of the property in question. The license, or the right for you to use the photographs, ends when the home is sold or re-listed. Further, the license is non-transferable, which means you are not permitted to give the images to another party not in connection with the marketing of the property. Examples would include a stager or builder who asks you for the images for their portfolios.

Do you have a question I didn’t answer? Please don’t hesitate to give me a call or text (770-403-8870), or send me an email (